Reflectac® is an international brand of TANATT Group that specialized in reflective films and its products, including Reflective Sheeting, Reflective Fabric, Traffic cone sticker, Truck Reflective sticker and Reflective Barrier Strips. 

All of the products can be customized upon your unique requirements. The below products brief description is just for your reference. Please contact our Reflective Film Division at for more information. Thank you! 


Reflective Sheeting including Commercial Grade Reflective Sheeting, Screen Print PET Reflective Sheeting, Eco Solvent Digital Printable Reflective Vinyl, Helmet Used Acrylic Reflective Tape, Acrylic Tearable Screen Printing Reflective Tape and Plotter Cutting Reflective Sheeting.

Advantages of Reflective Sheeting: 

- PVC Face films are good for Digital Print

- Acrylic Face films are good for Screen Print
- PET Face films are most economical, good for plotter cutting
- ALL face films can use to UV printing.

- ALL product can make to REFLECTIVE TAPE as you requested.

-> Commercial Grade Reflective Sheeting

Commercial Grade also named as Advertising Grade Reflective Sheeting, Economic Grade Reflective Vinyl etc. It’s designs for economical use, the durability up to 1-3 years, mainly for advertising graphic, promotional signs, and Personality decoration.

Pre-stripped Barricade Reflective Sheeting

Screen Print PET Reflective Sheeting

Plotter Cutting Reflective Sheeting

Eco Solvent Digital Printable Reflective Vinyl

Acrylic Tearable Screen Printing Reflective Tape

Helmet Used Acrylic Reflective Tape

-> Engineer Grade Reflective Sheeting

Reflective Signs Sheeting

Cold Resistant Reflective Vinyl

5 Years Engineer Grade Reflective Films

Pre-stripped Barricade Reflective Strips

Plotter Cutting Engineer Grade Reflective Vinyl

Reflective Sheeting For Traffic Sign

-> High Intensity Grade Reflective Sheeting

Screen Print Hi Vis PET Reflective Films

CE High Intensity Reflective Sheeting

High Intensity Reflective Sheeting

Dot-C2 Truck Hi Vis Reflective Tape

-> License Plate Reflective Sheeting

5 Years Engineer Grade Reflective Films

Economic License Plate Reflective Films


FR Reflective Fabric Tape

Heat Transfer Vinyl

Rainbow Reflective Fabric

PVC Prismatic Reflective Tape