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Water Contact Indicators

Water Contact Indicators
Water Contact Indicators
TANATT® Water Contact Indicators are that the color changed from white to red when contacting with liquid water. The color changed will not recover as initial. TANATT® Water Contact Indicator Tapes can be customized for unique requirements.
TANATT® Water Contact Indicators can be made with or without transparent film laminated on top.
The color of water contact indicating material will be changed from white to red once contacting with liquid water. 

The size and top security printing of water sensitive security labels can be customized for unique requirements. 


Lamination: Transparent PET film, if needed for high humidity resistance. 
Face-Material of Water Contact Sensitive Labels: White absorbent indicator paper
Adhesive of Water Sensitive Sticker: Acrylic 
Release Liner: 80gsm white glassine paper or transparent release film

- Printable of Water Sensitive Labels is good
- Humility resistance is excellent

- Color changed speed is very fast

Unique Adhesive Formulations:
- Water Sensitive Labels have Strong bond on different surfaces 
- Perfect protection for products in different applied conditions 
- Excellent for security labels die cut and automation labeling

TANATT® Water Contact Sensitive Labels is a cost-effective way to get fast, accurate feedback, wherever water intrusion is a concern, including:
- Validating warranty and damage claims
- Failure analysis
- Service and repair troubleshooting 
- Design analysis