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QR Texture Security Labels

QR Texture Security Labels
QR Random Texture Tamper Evident Security Labels
TANATT® Security Texture Labels are made with unique random metal dots and printed QR codes on top of tamper evident void security label materials. Security Texture Stickers are unique that impossible to be counterfeited.

The size, top security printing, QR Codes, random metal dots and label stock of Security Texture Stickers can be customized for unique requirements. 

Custom text is available shown on webpage when scanning the QR code. The below text is an example for your reference: 

GAVSC® Scan Authentication 


We would like to Thank You for taking the time to ensure that you are getting only the best Quality, Style, and Performance that our brands have to offer.


Alright! Let’s see if this is an authentic product you are looking for!


We have a two-stage verification match.

Simply compare the security label you scanned to the image above.

Verify that the following match:


1.    1. Unique 12 digits security PIN

2.    2. Unique Metal Strips: Positioning, Color and Quantity of the metal strips found in the Eight Section Security Zones are unique to this item. These little metal strips are randomly applied to each Security Label to ensure no two are alike. THIS CAN’T BE CLONED!


You can be confident you are holding the genuine product. You may purchase with assurance.



Thank the proprietor for his time and quietly walk away.