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Heat Transfer Photoluminescent Film

Heat Transfer Photoluminescent Film
  • Materail Type: Long afterglow Luminescent
  • Glowing time: More than 12 hours
  • Day-time color:
    Rice-White Light Green Viridis Pink
    Red Blue Orange Yellow
  • Glowing color:
    Yellow-Green Blue-Green Yellow Green
    Orange Sky-Blue Purple Red
  • Glue Type: Hot melt Glue
  • Protection Film: PET
  • Size: 1M×50M, 1.22M×50M, Others Customized

  • Limited time: Indoor luminous efficiency no decay for 15 years

  • Heat Transfer Photoluminescent Film is made from high quality strontium aluminate Photoluminescent material which is manufactured by TANATT with hot melt. This product has transferable performance, which is suitable for hot stamping on cloth and garment decoration.
    It includes 3 layer:PET Protection film Layer, Light-emitting layer, Hot melt glue layer.

    Heat Transfer Photoluminescent Film is non-toxic and non harm, don`t contain any radio-active elements, absorbs light quickly, have long afterglow and good effect of warning. It also has good hand feeling, durable and resisting washing, long lifetime, excellent safety performance, stable quality.

    Heat Transfer Photoluminescent Film
    • Characteristics :
    • 1. Excellent heat transfer performance, suitable for all kinds of textile fabric, Particularly suitable for sports team uniforms, clothing and garment LOGO.
      2. Suitable for friction and washing, stick firmly, not easy to fall off.
      3. Carving, laser engraving, hot stamping machine and electric iron are all applicable.
      4. It is safe and Eco-friendly. There is no discomfort and no harm to skin.
      5. Luminescent color、luminance、specification and dimension can be customized. 
    • Applications:
    • Casual wear, business wear, uniform , sign garment, safe garment, Photoluminescent garment, tourist shoes, luggage , raincoats ,trademarks, Photoluminescent products, life-saving clothing and others in daily life.
    • Usage:
    • 1. Peel off the PET protection film.
      2. Photoluminescent Thermal Transfer Film can be cut into different shapes, then applied to fabric or liner through heat transfer by iron, double drum laminating machine, heat fusing machine device.
    • Packing and Storage :
    • Carton Capacity
      1 roll/Carton
      Net Weight
      Gross weight
      Normal Temperature, Moisture proof , Ventilation

    Remark : All test data according to the current environment condition. Different conditions may have some different test results.