PET Photoluminescent Film

PET Photoluminescent Film

PET Photoluminescent Film

    • Materail Type: Long afterglow Luminescent
    • Glowing time: More than 12 hours
    • Day-time color:
      Rice-White Light Green Viridis Pink
      Red Blue Orange Yellow
    • Glowing color:
      Yellow-Green Blue-Green Yellow Green
      Orange Sky-Blue Purple Red
    • Adhesive: No or custom
    • Protection Film: PE Film
    • Size: 1M×50M or Others Customized

    • Limited time: Indoor luminous efficiency no decay for 15 years

    • PET Series Photoluminescent Film is manufactured by coating on PET film by TANATT high quality strontium aluminate photoluminescent material which is manufactured by TANATT with PET. This product possesses very glossy surface, stable property. It is printable by Silk screen, UV-ink Printed.

      PET Photoluminescent Film is an innovative, high performance Photoluminescent Material It can be used to manufacture safety signs, graphics and tapes. It is an environmentally friendly film and is ideal for exit path markings in the door frame, stairs, aisles, danger perimeters as well as landing etc. it can be used to make many different markings and tapes. Further different adhesives are available so that Factory can design a product to fit your applications exactly.

      PET Photoluminescent Film

      The Photoluminescent Film is non-toxic, harmless, no radioactivity, true color and high brightness. As the thickness of PET Photoluminescent Film by a special adjustment, it can be applied to all kinds of large and small color inkjet printer, giving novel feeling at night or in the dark, and the luminescent color is more real than luminescent film. Print images are vivid, complex and colorful, a large area of printing can be realized and the rejection rate of print is low. Customized and OEM are both available.

      Characteristics :

      1. Many luminance grade, very glossy surface, non-tearing.

      2. Excellent computer carving performance.

      3. Application on surface of all kind of products widely : such as computer switches, remote control panel, wall switches, plugs, sockets, locks, flashlights, door handles, handrails, fire extinguishers, fire alarms, life-saving appliances, etc. it can indicate its location, easy to use.

      Luminescent color, luminance, specification and dimension can be customized.


      The PET Photoluminescent Film can be widely used for safety signs, graphics and tapes, exit path markings in the door frame, stairs, aisles, danger perimeters, landing etc.

      Packing and Storage :

        Carton Capacity
        1 roll/Carton
        Net Weight
        Around 24kg
        Gross weight
        Around 26kg
        normal temperature, Moisture proof , Ventilation

      Remark : All test data according to the current environment condition. Different conditions may have different test results.