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ISO7591 Embossed Reflective Sheeting

ISO7591 Embossed Reflective Sheeting
Car License Number Plate Films

Face Film: 35 mics Acrylic

Film Thickness: 155 mics

AVG(RA): ≥70 CIL/㎡

Durability: 5 years Outdoor

Tensile rate: ≥130%

Strength: 25N

Feature: Hot stamping, embossing, multi-color print

Reflective Sheeting for Embossed plates  Description

TN9028 Number plate reflective sheeting is a durable, all-weather, retroreflective sheeting consisting of lens elements within a transparent resin. It is designed for a security license plate with means to reflect the headlights of vehicles approaching the one carrying the plate. The film can be embossable, hot stamping and roll coated with either transparent or opaque roll coating inks, also the film with watermark printing is preventing the fraud. Apply to license number plates, legal number plates for all over the world.

TN9028 CLP reflective film certified by ISO7591.

Existing Customers Location

  •  India, Mexico, Africa, France, Brazil

Technical Data

  • Retroreflective Elements: enclosed glass beaded
  • Durability: 5 years outdoor by the specialist application (under vertical outdoor exposure)
  • Roll Sizes: 1.22M (W) x 45.7M, 48” (W) x 50 yards, Roll size can be customized.
  • Coefficients of Retroreflection (Ra)
Obs. Angle Ent. Angle White Yellow Blue
0.2 -4 70 25 1.5

* Test by Roadmaster according to ASTM D4956

  • A flat and smooth surface film finish
  • embossable to the minimum height of 1mm to form letters
  • durable bond with the aluminum metal substrate
  • Hot stamping by the different type of hot stamping foils, such as Kurz, Parkvision, please noted the hot stamping temperature will be different
  • Film Thickness: 155 mic
  • Face Film: Acrylic
  • Adhesive: 30 mics permanent pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Release Liner: 150 GSM Poly coated paper liner (white or yellow)
  • Application Surface: Flat surface only such as aluminum
  • Application Temperature: 18-28℃  by any of the following methods:
    • Mechanical squeeze roll applicator
    • Hand squeeze roll applicator
    • Hand application is recommended for copy only

Leading Time

  • We have regular stock in the warehouse, otherwise, it will take 7-10 days upon deposits receive. Please confirm with us before ordering.


  • For order less than 100 rolls, we can do OEM Carton and Product mark
  • For order more than 100 rolls, and request your own logo, it needs one more deposit.

Quality Inspection

  • Raw material inspection: From face film to release paper, all the material will be strictly inspected before putting into production. We only use Qualified raw materials;
  • Production inspection: QC will cut production samples, bring it to our own lab then inspect brightness, stretch, thickness, etc.,also they will bring Brightness detector to production line and check for brightness.
  • Final inspection:We will sample test the final product, and also do inspection under client’s requested.


  • Inner packing: PET inner film + Plastic Bag + 2 pc Plastic Plug
  • Outer packing: 5 layers carton box with carton sealing nail
Model Size (M) Carton (M) N.W.  (KG) G.W. (KG) 20GP  (Roll)
TN9028 1.22*45.7 1.31*0.21*0.24 20.8 24.2 360
  • *This data only for reference
  • *Please contact our staff for customized products.
  • *The data does include the pallet size, we recommended increasing the pallet to protect the goods.
  • Loading Port:Shenzhen or other China port


  • Reflective Sheeting must be used within 1 year after the date of receipt from Tanatt;
  • Please use PET inner film to tightly packed partially used Rolls, then return it back to the shipping carton. Vertically placed it can avoid distortion due to substrate buckling or extension due to moisture absorption, and avoid pressure that may damage the reflective layer.
  • Store the sheeting in a clean, dry area at 20 ℃ and 50% relative humidity and away from direct sunlight;